2017 Schedule- Featuring Hiking the Appalachian Trail

January 1- First Day Hike

Gateway to Mount Mitchell- Jake

February 11- Hike

February 11- Alternate Hike

AT- 19E to Overmount Shelter- Dennis- 10 miles- extremely strenuous

AT- Overmountain Shelter to Little Hump- Robert- 5 miles- strenuous

March 4- Hike

March 4- Alternate Hike

March 25- Stroll

AT- Overmountain Shelter to Carver Gap- Very strenuous- Dennis- 7 miles

Carver Gap to Grassy Ridge and return- Moderate- John- 5.4 miles

Birding Stroll- Cane River Park- 9 am

April 1- Hike

April 1- Alternate Hike

April 15- Stroll

April 29- Stroll

AT- Carver's Gap to Hughes Gap- 6.6 miles- Strenuous- Dennis

Carver's Gap to Roan High Knob- 4.4 miles- Moderate- John

Birding at Green Knob Fire Tower- 0.5 miles- Easy

Wildflower Stroll- South Toe- 2 miles max- Easy- MEMBERS ONLY- Join Now!

May 6- Hike

May 6- Alternate Hike

May 20- Hike

AT- Hughes Gap to Iron Mountain Gap (NC 226)- 9.3 miles- Very Strenuous- Robert

AT- Iron Mountain Gap to Iron Mountain- 4.5 miles- Strenuous- John

Lost Cove- 7.5 miles- Very Strenuous- Jake

June 3- Hike- National Trails Day

June 3- Alternate Hike

June 3- National Trails Day Stroll

AT- Iron Mountain Gap(NC 226) to Beauty Spot- 9.5 miles- Very Strenuous- Dennis

AT- Indian Grave Gap to Beauty Spot- 5 miles- Strenuous- Alan

Rock Creek- 1.5 Miles- Easy- Cynthia

July 1- Hike

July 1- Alternate Hike

AT-Beauty Spot to Erwin, TN- 10.6 miles- Very Strenuous

AT- Erwin (Chestoa) toward Curley Maple Gap- Max 5 miles- Strenuous

August 5- Hike

August 5- Alternate Hike

AT- Erwin, TN to Spivey Gap- 11.2 miles- Extremely Strenuous

AT- Spivey Gap to Devil Creek Gap- 4.6 miles- Moderate

September 2- Hike

September 2- Alternate Hike

September 2- Birding Stroll

September 9- Hike

AT- Spivey Gap to Big Bald- 7 miles- Very Strenuous

AT- Big Bald to Little Bald- 5 miles- Moderate

Big Bald- 0.5 miles- Easy 

Craven Gap to Rattlesnake Lodge- 4.5 miles- Moderate- Hike the MST in One Day- Friends of the MST Event

October 7- Hike

October 21- Stroll

Black Mountain Crest Trail- Mount Mitchell to Cattail Community- 8 miles- Very Strenuous

Chestoa View Loop- 0.6 miles- Easy

November 4- Hike

November 4- Alternate Hike

AT- Big Bald to Sam's Gap (I-26)- 6.2 miles- Strenuous

AT- Sam's Gap to High Pasture- 4.4 miles- Moderate

December 2- Hike

December 16- Stroll

AT- Sam's Gap to Devil's Fork- 8.4 miles- Very Strenuous

MST Relo at Black Mountain Campground