2013 Scheduled Hikes

High Peaks Hikes Planned for 2013
All hikes are subject to change! Please consult our website  www.nchighpeaks.org for the latest details. Download the attached PDF for a Printer Friendly version.
January 5- Hike- Celo Comm. to Crabtree Falls to Seven-Mile Ridge- Dennis
January 27-Stroll- MHHS- Jake
February 2- Hike- Middle Ridge- Colbert Ridge Loop- Dennis
February 24- Stroll- Whit Bottoms-Jake
March 2- Hike- NC High Peaks Member Hike- Jake
March 24- Stroll- Roaring Fork Falls- Mike
March 31- Hike- Phillips Knob- Lucy
April 13- Hike- Lost Cove- John
April 20- Greenknob Fire Tower Dedication and Hike
April 27- Wildflower Presentation and Stroll- Meet at Yancey Co. Library with transportation provided to stroll location
May 4- Hike- Mitchell Toll Road to Black Mountain- Margaret
May 18-Hike- Grassy Ridge to Isom Mine- Cancelled
May 26- Stroll- Craggy Pinnacle- Jake
June 1- Hike- Grassy Ridge from Carvers Gap at Roan Mt- Dennis
June 15- Hike- Grassy Ridge to Isom Mine- Worth and Susan
June 23- Stroll- Roan Rhododendron Gardens- Mike
July 4- Backpacking Hike- Celo to Deep Gap Fireworks Campout- Dennis
July 20- Hike- MST Balsam Gap to Blackstock- Mike
July 28- Stroll- Mt Mitchell summit stroll- Jake- Wildlife Talk at Ed Center
August 10- Hike- Cane River Gap to Big Butt - John
August 17- Hike- Mitchell Toll Rd- Greybeard- Rocky Knobs- Pinnacle- Margaret
August 25- Stroll- Orchard- Mike/Michelle
Sept 7- Hike- BR Pinnacle- Greybeard- Margaret
Sept 21- Hike- Cattail Loop from Whitehouse’s- Dennis
Sept 29- Stroll- Camp Alice- Jake
October 5- Hike- Mt. Mitchell to Deep Gap on Crest Trail- Mike/Dennis
October 12- Hike- Firescald- John
October 27- Stroll- Green Knob- Mike- Tree Talk
November 2- Hike- Beauty Spot- Unaka Mts.- Mike
November 24- Stroll- Victor Fields- Susan
December 7- Annual Meeting- Yancey County Library
December 14- Hike- Mountains to Sea Trail- Rt 80 to Black Mt. Campground- Dennis
December 29- Stroll- Burnsville- Jake

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